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Studio Kroner Tackles Trash

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

TRASH TALK explores the relentless churn of toxic news, politics, and the mountains of trash that litter our present and threaten our future.

Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky-based artists Paul Kroner and Devan Horton will focus on the literal and metaphorical subject of trash in the upcoming exhibit at Studio Kroner called “Trash Talk.” The limited-run show will be open from Tuesday, November 1st, through Sunday, November 13th, 2022.

Proceeds from the show will benefit local environmental organizations, including Keep Cincinnati Beautiful, Green Umbrella, and Cincinnati Recycling and Reuse Hub.

“One of art’s roles is to transcend the decorative and make us look closely at things we’d prefer to look away from. Making art from that gives us a place to confront things we may want to ignore or deny. It’s what is at the heart of "Trash Talk.” – Paul Kroner

We are our own invasive species

Be it through toxic news and politics or the mountains of trash in landfills and oceans, trash and trash talk have become threats to our collective future. Tackling difficult subjects through art is nothing new for Cincinnati artist and gallery owner Paul Kroner who likes to use art “as a conduit for the exchange of ideas and discussion about the world around us.” One of Studio Kroner’s first exhibitions of 2022 was “All Else Pales.” It brought attention to environmental issues and featured a range of artists, scientists, and poets, and the exhibition and surrounding events raised money for the Mill Creek Alliance and WordPlay Cincy.

For his part in the exhibition, Kroner’s series entitled “Box News” takes on the toxic and nonstop news cycle. Using corrugated boxes found curbside on trash day as his canvas, Kroner prompts a discussion on how these boxes have become an ever-present symbol of our capitalistic society and a fitting canvas for portraits of people who “litter our airwaves and bombard us with an endless parade of lies and propaganda.”

Also featured in “Trash Talk” is Northern Kentucky artist Devan Horton and her series “Penchant.” In a series designed to confront our cultural obsession with consumption and waste, Horton pulls the viewer in with the idea that we are our own invasive species. Horton, who’s largely influenced by nature, says that a lot of her work throughout college had to do with invasive species and swarming organisms, but the subject of trash stole her focus. “While out on hikes for things to paint, I’d find trash all the time. It became what an invasive species of humans looks like, and it grew from there.”


6-9 pm, Thursday, November 3

Benefiting Keep Cincinnati Beautiful


1-2 pm, Saturday, November 5

Benefiting Green Umbrella


2-5 pm, Sunday, November 13

Benefiting Cincinnati Recycling & Reuse Hub


About Studio Kroner

Artist and designer Paul Kroner opened Studio Kroner in April 2021 as a creative hub for artists to showcase their work and for the communal experiences of workshops, book readings, concerts, and private events. Studio Kroner’s mission is to provide an arena for exchanging ideas and to use art as a conduit for discussing big and small ideas about society and the world around us.

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