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Studio Kroner: Unleashing Creativity, Igniting Conversations


Welcome to Studio Kroner, the visionary creation of artist and designer Paul Kroner. Established on April 15, 2021, our mission at Studio Kroner is to foster a dynamic space for the exchange of ideas and ignite thought-provoking discussions through the power of art.


Located at 130 West Court Street in downtown Cincinnati, Studio Kroner seamlessly blends Paul's working studio with a radiant gallery, featuring a rotating collection of remarkable artists from the local, regional, and national scenes.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant community of Studio Kroner, where workshops, book readings, and concerts come alive, transforming the space into a melting pot of inspiration. Seeking an extraordinary venue for your private event? Look no further. Studio Kroner exudes artistic elegance and stands ready to transform your gathering into an unforgettable masterpiece.

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At Studio Kroner, we are more than just opening doors; we are unlocking new worlds. Join us on this exhilarating journey as we celebrate art, provoke profound ideas, and revel in the boundless wonders of the human imagination.


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the word on the street

"Studio Kroner is a gem! Paul Kroner's exhibits are more than just artist showcases, he's also presenting timely discussions around important contemporary issues such as climate change and toxic politics. He's helping to create a hub for visual engagement and in addition to the heavy topics he occasionally covers his personality always shines through- energetic, curious and fun! "

Mark Ulriksen

Rent Studio Kroner for your next event

Studio Kroner is available to rent for private events. Ideally located in downtown Cincinnati, the studio is a colorful, warm, vibrant, and inviting 1200 square-foot space just steps from the newly renovated Court Street Plaza.

Studio Kroner is a great place to host a workshop, private party, a book reading, or a corporate meeting. It is also a great space for photoshoots.  Studio Kroner offers renters use of a full-size refrigerator, folding chairs and tables, a restroom, and plenty of on-street and lot parking

Please contact us at


Studio Kroner will be hosting featured artists on a quarterly basis starting in the Summer of 2021.  Artists interested in exhibiting at Studio Kroner should email inquiries to Please include a brief background, a statement of intent of your art, and no more than three images. Unsolicited physical submissions will not be accepted, and StudioKroner accepts no responsibility for the safe return of such submissions.

About Paul Kroner

Studio Kroner founder Paul is a native Cincinnatian and a graduate of the University of Cincinnati's Graphic Design program (DAAP). He is a fine artist working in sculpture, painting, animation, illustration, and photography. You can view his work and learn more about him at paulkroner,com

Paul's interest in art led him to a career as a graphic designer. He started Kroner Design in 1998 and maintains an ongoing practice as a brand and communications designer, working with select clients on a broad range of design needs, including:

  • Brand Identity

  • Sales and Collateral Design

  • Web Site Design

  • Event Branding

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