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Past Shows:

Sunia Gibbs: Vacated SPACES

February 11- March 11, 2023


Sunia is a frequent visitor to Cincinnati, and her series "Vacated Spaces" exists to make the invisible visible, engaging the intangible and unseen in the city of Cincinnati. Influenced by early German expressionism and post-WWII French lyrical abstraction, Sunia relies on instinct and quick movements to create impulsive marks, textures, and color. She prefers a palette knife, acrylics, and charcoal to express and interpret the feelings and emotions of people and places. With degrees in piano performance and sociology, Sunia’s love of music and passion for understanding culture inform and drive her artmaking process. 



November 1-13, 2022


In keeping with our mission to use the gallery as a conduit for the exchange of ideas and discussion about the world around us, Studio Kroner presented Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky-based artists Paul Kroner and Devan Horton in this unique limited-run show that tackle the relentless churn of toxic news, politics, and the mountains of trash that litter our present and threaten our future, literally and metaphorically.  


MATT ZORY | FotoFoucs’22

October 8-29, 2022


Studio Kroner presented Cincinnati photographer Matt Zory as a part of the 2022 FotoFocus Biennial, a month-long celebration of photography and lens-based art that unites artists, curators, and educators from around the world. Matt presented his show, Bodies of Sand: Life and Solitude In Death Valley, 


This year’s Biennial, entitled World Record, considers photography’s extensive record of life on earth, humankind’s impact on the natural world, and the choices we now face as a global community.


StudioKroner presents JEFF & JOHN WINKLE

JUNE 23 - JULY 23, 2022


Studio Kroner presented Ludlow, Kentucky artists Jeff and John Winkle with their first solo show DIVIDED BY/TWO.

DIVIDED BY/TWO: is an exploration of work by identical twin brothers, Jeff and John Winkle. The work is inspired by memories and experiences of life in a small town and is meant to remind us of humanity, humility, common sense, simpler times, faith, aspirations, hard work, heart & hope. Their stories, however, are only half the story. They would love you to fill in your own stories and interpretations.


New Yorker illustrator MARK ULRIKSEN

September 1 - October 1, 2022


Studio Kroner was honored to present San Francisco-based artist and illustrator Mark Ulriksen, one of the most prolific contemporary cover artists for The New Yorker magazine, with 68 covers to date and some 200 inside illustrations over the past 20+ years.

Mark’s illustrations have appeared in most of America’s leading newspapers and magazines, including the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Time, Newsweek, Rolling Stone, Atlantic Monthly, GQ, Esquire, etc. Mark also wrote and illustrated a book about his love for mankind’s best friend, “Dogs Rule Nonchalantly.” 



MAY 12-JUNE 13, 2022


As part of Studio Kroner's mission to use art as a conduit for the exchange of ideas and discussion about the world around us, we presented ALL ELSE PALES — a month-long exhibit and programs exploring the environment, featuring artists, performers, poets, and scientists. It was an amazing month!


Studio Kroner was thrilled to present the following artists and scientists:    


StudioKroner presents DONNA TALERICO

APRIL 1-30, 2022


Studio Kroner welcomed Cincinnati artist Donna Talerico into the gallery with her new solo show: ABSINTHE & ABSTRACTS.

Donna’s work is unrestrained, with bold color and gestural brushstrokes. She paints intuitively, almost impulsively, celebrating the shapes and patterns of color and light that she “sees” within any subject matter. Exploring this borderland between representation and abstraction is a continuous challenge and source of fascination. 


StudioKroner presents EMILY KAELIN

October 16--November 20, 2022


Studio Kroner welcomed painter EMILY KAELIN into the gallery for her show “DARKNESS TO DEVOUR IT ALL”


Emily’s work incorporates a unique blend of expressionism and surrealism. The outcome is at once illustrative and fantastical, and abstracted and unsettling, and the rich details and glowing colors remain cryptic in the ambiguities they fade in and out of describing. 


StudioKroner presents JEFF BELL

October 16--November 20, 2021


Studio Kroner was thrilled to be able to present designer, writer, director, producer, showrunner, and now, artist JEFF BELL for his first-ever show in the fall of 2021. 

We were thrilled to have his bold, graphical, and playful work on the walls of Studio Kroner.


StudioKroner presents TOM OWEN

September 9-October 9, 2021


Tom Owen graced our walls with his sublime two- and three-dimensional work in a show entitled, “JUXTAPOSING DIMENSIONS” that ran from September 9 - October 9, 2021. 


We were honored to introduce, for the first time, a new body of Tom’s work, three-dimensional abstractions, shaped paintings of sorts that reflect the incongruity of modern life.  We love Tom’s work and have been watching it evolve for the past several years. Keep your eye on his work! 


StudioKroner presents JOHN METZ

July 1-31, 2021


Studio Kroner's first featured artist  was John Metz's show, "BE STILL," which had an amazing and successful month-long show. 


John creates colorful, sensitive, abstract paintings in Encaustic hot wax and in oil and cold wax that capture deep emotion and the ever-evolving beauty and mystery of nature. His paintings have incredible depth and he is a master at composition and color harmony.


We loved having John's work grace the walls of Studio Kroner and hope he will be back. 

John Metz 576-2sm.jpg

StudioKroner presents JOHN YOUNG

Wednesday, June 23, 6-8 pm


Cincinnati author John Young read selections from his new collection of short stories  "Fire in the Field" on a beautiful summer evening. Copies of the book are available for sale at

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