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Artist Talks

Jolie Harris

July 10, 2024

Studio Kroner presents an inspiring talk with featured artist Jolie Harris and her solo show "Intuitive Abstraction." In this talk Jolie discusses her journey to becoming an artist, her love of Jazz, and the joy and courage in her practice. Jolie is known for her ability to uncover chance patterns and visual phenomena in the natural world, brings her unique vision to Cincinnati. Trained at the California College of Design, The Art Academy of Cincinnati, and the Boca Raton Museum of Art School, Harris has exhibited her work in numerous solo and group shows across the United States and has international collectors. 

Brad Davis

Saturday, May 18, 2024

We were honored to have acclaimed painter and featured artist  Brad Davis in the gallery for an inspiring artist talk about his solo show "Heirlooms." Brad's paintings are centered around the urban environment and seek to transform its banality through careful and personal reconstruction. Through painting Cincinnati's ever changing landscape,  he hopes to preserve what will inevitably be lost: those treasures that become our city's heirlooms.  Unfortunately, due to a technical snagfu, the video is unavailable and will sadly not be a heirlom. 

Kevin Muente

March 23, 2024

Studio Kroner presents an intimate artist talk with landscape painter and Professor of Painting at Northern Kentucky University (NKU), Kevin Muente, as he explores his latest exhibition, "PROMISED LAND." Kevin delves into the inspirations and techniques that breathe life into his captivating paintings. Through his work, Kevin invites us to witness characters confronting universal challenges, fostering a profound connection with the viewer. Moderated by  gallery owner Paul Kroner.

Cynthia Lockhart & Mark Wiesner

September 16, 2023

Cincinnati artists Cynthia Lockhart and Mark Wiesner discuss their two-person show “BEYOND THE MATERIAL,” a captivating exhibition exploring material manipulation, pushing artistic boundaries and revealing the remarkable transformation from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Moderated by gallery owner Paul Kroner.

Michael Roller & Roy Robinson

July 15, 2023

A insightful artist talk with Cincinnati artist/designers Michael Roller & Roy Robinson about their two-person show “INTERSECTION,” a captivating exhibition explores the fascinating convergence of art and design, showcasing the unique perspectives of these visionary creators. Moderated by gallery owner Paul Kroner.

"Yes, But is it Art?" Panel Discussion​

May 31, 2023

Discover Studio Kroner's exhibit and symposium on AI-generated art titled "Yes, but is it art?" In this video, we present a panel discussion featuring artists Alan Brown and Teri Campbell, IP attorney Sean Owens from Wood Heron & Evans LLP, and moderated by author John Young.

Cincy LifeStyle Interview​

May 25, 2023

WCPO's Cincy LifeStyle host Pete Scalia visited Studio Kroner to interview owner Paul Kroner about the gallery's new show about AI generated art, "Yes, but is it Art?" Also included are interviews with featured artists Alan Brown, Teri Campbell, Judi Bommarito, Patrick Lichty, and Brandy VanGessel.

"Yes, But is it Art?" Artist Talk

May 20, 2023

Studio Kroner presents a ground-breaking exhibit and symposium on AI-generated art titled "Yes, but is it art?" In this video, we present an artist talk with featured artists Brandy VanGessel, Judi Bommarito, and Patrick Lichty.

Author John Young

May 4, 2023

Cincinnati author John Young and writer, artist, and former TV personality Andi Kay, discuss John's latest novel, "Getting Huge." This romp of a novel is for all who have worked with the wrong people in the wrong place. And ached to escape—to start something new—to find a sense of belonging.


"Getting Huge" is available on 

Tracy Casagrande Clancy

April 15, 2023

An Artist talk with Cincinnati mixed-media artist Tracy Casagrande Clancy. Tracy discusses her one-woman show “Vestiges of Atomic Love," her first solo show in Cincinnati, which explores her ever-growing sense that an unbreakable thread runs through all of existence. Tracy talks about her journey as an artist, a former pediatric grief counselor, and a lifelong student of shared experiences throughout various cultural and ethnic groups worldwide.

Sunia Gibbs

February 11, 2023

An Artist talk and performance from Portland, Oregon artist Sunia Gibbs. Sunia's series "Vacated Spaces" exists to make the invisible visible, engaging the intangible and unseen in the city of Cincinnati. She is also a signer/songwriter and we were fortunate enough to have her perform several songs in the gallery.

Devan Horton

November 5, 2022

TRASH TALK Artist Devan Horton discusses her series "Penchant" at Studio Kroner in Cincinnati, OH. TRASH TALK calls attention to the tangled relationship between waste in our environment, misinformation, and government policy.

Paul Kroner

November 5, 2022

TRASH TALK Artist Paul Kroner discusses his series "BOX NEWS" at Studio Kroner in Cincinnati, OH. TRASH TALK calls attention to the tangled relationship between waste in our environment, misinformation, and government policy.

Mark Ulriksen

September 3, 2022

New Yorker cover illustrator MARK ULRIKSEN, gives an inspired artist talk in Studio Kroner's gallery. Mark shares his process of creating New Yorker covers and his favorite rejects. 

Emily Kaelin

February 17, 2022

Studio Kroner welcomes artist Emily Kaelin to the gallery, with a show that opens on Feb. 17, 2022. This is a wonderful conversation between Emily and gallery owner Paul Kroner.

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