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6-9 pm, Thursday, April 6

Artist Talk
1-2 pm, Saturday, April 15

2-5 pm, Saturday, April 29

Like it or not, Artificial Intelligent (AI) generated "art" is here and here to stay. Our world is changing. Disruption is in the air. The question is: "Yes, but is it art?"

May 18-June 17, 2023

Studio Kroner presents a month-long show featuring five artists who explore AI in their work. Using AI engines such as DALL-E 2, Midjournery, Stable Diffusion, and others, they investigate the creative potential and limitations of "text to image" based artwork.

We also welcome an Intellectual Property (IP) attorney and aspiring playwrights and actors from the Cincinnati School for Creative and Performing Arts (SCPA) into the gallery to perform a series of short skits about innovation and disruption. 


Please join us from May 18 - June 17 as we explore AI and its ramifications in the world of art and beyond, and ask, "Yes, but is it art?"


Save the Dates

Opening Reception

6-9 pm, Thursday, May 18

Artist Talk
1-2 pm, Saturday, May 20

SCPA Performances
7-8 pm, Saturday, May 20

1-2 pm, Sunday, May 21

Panel Discussion
6-7 pm, Wednesday, May 31


Patrick Lichty

Patrick Lichty is a media “reality” artist, curator, and theorist who explores how media and mediation affect our perception of our environment. He is best known for his work as a principal of the virtual reality performance art group Second Front, and the animator of the activist group, The Yes Men. He is a CalArts/Herb Alpert Fellow and Whitney Biennial exhibitor as part of the collective RTMark. His recent book, Variant Analyses: Interrogations of New Media Culture, was released by the Institute for Networked Culture, and is included in the Oxford Handbook of Virtuality.  He is a Professor of Mass Communication at Winona State University.


Alan Brown

Alan Brown is a graduate of Syracuse University with a BS degree in Communications, majoring in Advertising Photography and minoring in Art History. He has amassed over four decades of experience with all facets of visual media. In 1981 Alan started PhotoDesign, an advertising photography studio. He then launched Photonics in 1982, a graphic design and web development firm that he sold after 32 years in business. He was also a partner in Tulong LLC, a socially responsible, eco-friendly women’s apparel company, for six years. Since retirement, Alan has been focusing on his art daily, allowing him to explore his love of photography and art and his disdain for being a purist. 


Judi Bommarito

Judi Bommarito is a Detroit-based conceptual visual storyteller and fine art photographer. She has been an adjunct instructor at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit since 1999, where she also earned her BFA. Her photographic work has been shown and received numerous national and international awards. Her documentary series, The SPACE Between The Cracks, poignantly addresses her mother’s struggle with mental illness and ultimately reveals the universal longing for love and acceptance. This series has received numerous awards, most notably, the 2012 Grand Prize recognition by juror and American photographer Mary Ellen Mark. Most recently, Judi’s curiosity has been piqued by AI-generated imagery created in Mid Journey. The results are often quite fascinating, and this excitement evokes the same sense of magic, much like her early days in the darkroom.