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Casey LeClair: Moving Parts
October 12 - November 2, 2024


1-4 pm, Saturday, October 12

Artist Talk
1-2 pm, Saturday, October 19

1-4 pm, Saturday, November 2

About the Artist

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Casey LeClair, a Cincinnati-based artist and former California litigation attorney, brings a diverse background to his artistic journey. With an undergraduate education in literature and film history from The University of Michigan, Casey's creative evolution has been shaped by a unique blend of legal expertise and a passion for visual storytelling. While Casey has been a dedicated photographer for many years, he didn't publicly share his work until 2014. This marked a turning point as he was selected to participate in numerous group shows and a compelling two-person street photography exhibit at the Viewpoint Photographic Art Center in Sacramento. Notably, Casey served as a facilitator at the gallery's exclusive Portfolio night, adding a collaborative dimension to his artistic pursuits. His photography has garnered recognition, being published in esteemed platforms such as National Geographic, The Daily Beast, and LensCulture, in addition to various California and Ohio publications. Relocating to Cincinnati in 2020 during the height of the pandemic, Casey embarked on archiving his extensive body of work from both domestic and international travels, earning a feature at The Crocker Art Museum. In 2021, William Messer curated and exhibited a noteworthy 50-piece show of Casey's street photography at Iris Book Cafe, titled "Seven Cities." Continuing to make an impact, two of Casey's pieces were featured at The Miami University Of Art as part of the 2022 Foto Focus biennial. His global recognition soared in 2023 when he was honored in the hardback book "MONOCHROMATIC" by Barcelona-based Dodo Magazine, celebrating the hundred best black and white photographs from around the world. The year 2023 also saw Casey curating the intriguing exhibit "The Dungeon Of King Louis IX" at Kantine Biergarten, under the thoughtful curation of Michael Wilson. Presently, he captivates audiences with his ongoing exhibition titled "Monos" at The Esquire Theatre, showcasing a continued dedication to the artistry of photography.

Artist Statement

Within the framework of FotoFocus Biennial's theme, "Backstories," this exhibit presents a central idea: the physical actions involved in erecting a tent and managing the nomadic lifestyle of a family of performers mirror the same physical skills showcased in their live performances. In June 2018, the inspiration for this photographic narrative took root in a small village in northern Sweden. There, I observed and captured moments as a family circus dismantled their tent, meticulously packing circus gear, costumes, props, and tools into their caravan. Interestingly, I never witnessed their actual live performance. By October 2018, having relocated to a small farming town in Northern California and established a studio in an empty storefront, serendipity played its part. A flyer on my studio window announced the arrival of the same circus. This is where the thesis comes to life. The focus of my lens became a three-generation Chilean family of circus performers. Over three weeks, in three different towns, I documented the construction of the tent, the nightly performances, and the disassembly process. Without formal interviews, the exhibition relies on photographs and keen observations, offering insights into their daily routines as a family, their roles as artists, and the intricacies of their family business. More than a mere documentary on a vanishing art form and way of life, this exhibit transcends into a portrayal of dynamic light and the harmonious beauty inherent in a family circus. The proof resides within these walls.

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