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Studio Kroner presents TRACY CASAGRANDE CLANCY

Studio Kroner's proudly presents Cincinnati mixed-media artist Tracy Casagrande Clancy’s one-woman show “Vestiges of Atomic Love."

"Vestiges of Atomic Love" explores the interconnectedness of each of us in our wider world, as evidenced in the tiniest details of our daily interactions. As a former pediatric grief counselor, Tracy Casagrande Clancy is particularly interested in the effects of this connectedness on our ability to face mourning and death. She is a lifelong student of the shared experience of death throughout various cultural and ethnic groups worldwide. Her work explores our varied reactions to the commonality of loss, grief, and mourning.

“Human interconnectedness is my constant muse,” says Casagrande Clancy. “The tiniest details of our daily interactions connect us, and it is this interconnectedness that I attempt to convey through my use of color, texture, and the building of stratified layers.”

Casagrande Clancy’s work has been exhibited in Art Basel (Miami), New York City, Paris, and various solo and group exhibitions. Her pieces are held in private and public collections throughout North America, Europe, and Australia and are included in the permanent collection of the Museum of Encaustic Art (Santa Fe). An active member of The Crit Lab (NYC) and the International Encaustic Society, Tracy works from her Pendleton Art Center studio in Cincinnati, Ohio.

“The breadth and depth of Tracy’s work is exemplary,” says Studio Kroner owner Paul Kroner. “Her ability to express human connection across multiple mediums speaks to her deep and empathic observation of the world around her.”


Tracy Casagrande Clancy: Vestiges of Atomic Love, March 30 - April 29, 2023

  • Opening Reception: 6-9 pm, Thursday, April 6

  • Artist Talk: 1-2 pm, Saturday, April 15

  • Closing Reception: 2-5 pm, Saturday, April 29


Studio Kroner is artist/designer Paul's creative hub and a space for other artists to showcase their work; for the communal experiences of book readings, concerts, and private events. Studio Kroner is located at 130 West Court Street.

Photo Credit: Tracy Casagrande Clancy

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