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Studio Kroner presents: EMILY KAELIN

Studio Kroner, Cincinnati's new home for fine art and design, is excited to announce that Cincinnati artist Emily Kaelin will be our next featured artist.

“DARKNESS TO DEVOUR IT ALL” opens with a public reception on Thursday, FEBRUARY 17, from 5-9 p.m. and runs through February 17-March 19, 2022.

Emily’s work incorporates a unique blend of expressionism and surrealism. The outcome is at once illustrative and fantastical, and abstracted and unsettling, and the rich details and glowing colors remain cryptic in the ambiguities they fade in and out of describing.

“I paint because I must. I paint to create meaning where there may not be meaning, to create beauty out of the most abject matter, and to find and reveal and revel in the beauty of the abject. I paint because the dualities of life and nature are unfathomably awesome and infinitely complex and I must distill my baffled adoration of these by pushing paint around on a surface or else I will disconnect and dissociate entirely from myself and the rest of existence. —Emily Kaelin

Although having always created self-portraits, it wasn’t until recently that Emily came to deliberately call her work, all her work, self-portraiture. Specifically, it is self-portraiture of the psyche. Knowing that the work is self-portraiture, and how it is and why it is, only enhances its depth of meaning and ability to be impactful.

"Emily’s work is powerful and emotional. She makes herself vulnerable to the world through her art and I find that incredibly courageous" says Paul Kroner, artist and owner of Studio Kroner. "We are honored to have Emily's work on display here at Studio Kroner.”


Studio Kroner is artist/designer Paul's creative hub, and also a space for other artists to showcase their work; for the communal experiences of book readings, concerts; and private events. Studio Kroner is located at 130 West Court Street.

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