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Elevate Your Memories with Timeless Portraiture by Paul Kroner

Capture the essence of your loved ones in a stunning commissioned portrait by the artist, Paul Kroner. Whether it's a cherished family member, a dear friend, or a respected colleague, Paul transforms moments into masterpieces.

Commission Options

Choose between vibrant Color or classic Black and White renditions, tailored to your preference. Select from a range of sizes, spanning from 16 x 20" to 24 x 36". Whatever your vision, Paul will skillfully craft a portrait that resonates with the unique personality and spirit of the subject. Email Paul at to get started. 

16 x 20” $650

18 x 24” $850

20 x 30” $1,200

24 x 36” $1,800

Custom sizes available upon request. Taxes and shipping not included.

Portraits by Paul Kroner
About the Artist

Paul Kroner's has garnered acclaim for his ability to infuse life into canvas. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling through art, Paul's portraits go beyond mere representations – they become windows into the soul, preserving moments that last a lifetime.

How to Commission


Embark on this artistic journey with Paul by reaching out via email at Share your vision, discuss preferences, and witness your ideas come to life on canvas. Collaborate with a seasoned artist who understands the profound impact a portrait can have on the memories you hold dear.


Commissioning a portrait by Paul Kroner is not just about acquiring a piece of art; it's about immortalizing the stories, relationships, and emotions that define us. Let your memories shine in the form of a bespoke masterpiece, a testament to the beauty that lies within every moment.

Contact Paul today at and let the artistic journey begin!

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