X Marks The Spot

Created and performed by Mary Kroner

Turning my accumulating thoughts into this theatre piece has taken some time. 


The manifestation of my brother Paul’s energy and vision and sense of possibility for the events here in his studio in this month of May are the result of so much work! When it dawned on him and me that what I was working toward fit with what he was working toward, he gave me the great gifts of an invitation and a deadline. What an impetus! For all of this, I am very appreciative!


So many thanks go to Mary Ann Meehan, whose listening and feedback, and belief in the idea have been crucial. Not to mention a million other ways she has supported this project. 


Thanks to writer and teacher, Valerie Chronis Bickett, for her quiet encouragement and belief and the writers in her Thursday morning writing group who asked questions and urged me to keep going. They were tremendously helpful.


Brian Lovely and Vinny Meehan both helped with pre-recorded parts.

Chris Collier lent me her sound system.

Betsy Lippitt, Tom Gilker, and Marianne Puntenney offered sound advice.

Jack Berberich helped me figure out how to hold up the earth, which Mary Seguin painted for a previous play of mine, “Nights Of The Round Table.”


Jason Sheldon and Jen Joplin lent their kind hearts and ears and eyes.


My sisters Julie and Cathy, with whom this project started to form as part of a shared summer goal-setting adventure back during covid days.


Thank you for coming to see this. Consider supporting the work of groups doing education, reclamation, and stewardship of living on this living planet together.

Mary Kroner


All proceeds for the show will go to support The Mill Creek Alliance, whose mission is to champion the resurgence of the Mill Creek Watershed as a natural and community asset.

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