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X Marks The Spot

A Contemplative Love Story of Place

Created and performed by Mary Kroner

Many Thanks to:

  • Mary Ann Meehan for endless listening, feedback, belief, and many details.

  • Valerie Chronis Bickett, writer, teacher, encourager, and believer. And the women in her Thursday classes who asked questions and urged me on.

  • Brian Lovely & Vinny Meehan for pre-recorded parts.

  • Chris Collier for the sound system.

  • Jack Berberich for figuring out how to hold up the earth.

  • Mary Seguin, who painted the earth for a previous play, “Nights Of The Round Table.”

  • Brian Balsley and Elaine Ryesiewicz for help with geology and history.

  • Paul Kroner, instant belief and opportunity.


  • Historian Robert Howe, for his in-depth paper “Knowlton’s At the Corner” which came from the Cincinnati Historical Society.

  • Stanley Hedeen’s book, “The Mill Creek, An Unnatural History of an Urban Stream”

  • All people who keep accurate historical records.​

  • And YOU, for this play doesn’t exist without an audience!




Following are links to some of the groups working in our region; there are many more.


Mary Kroner

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