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Tracy Casagrande Clancy: Vestiges of Atomic Love

March 30 - April 29, 2023

"Vestiges of Atomic Love" explores the interconnectedness of each of us in our wider world, as evidenced in the tiniest details of our daily interactions. As a former pediatric grief counselor, Tracy Casagrande Clancy is particularly interested in the effects of this connectedness on our ability to face mourning and death. She is a lifelong student of the shared experience of death throughout various cultural and ethnic groups worldwide. Her work explores our varied reactions to the commonality of loss, grief, and mourning.

"Tracy possesses the uncanny ability to take us to the deepest heart. Her relationship to materiality, her insistent visibility surrounding issues of grief, love and ritual always astonishes and reminds us of the importance of vulnerability in life and in our work." — Patricia Miranda, Director, The Crit Lab (NYC)


6-9 pm, Thursday, April 6

Artist Talk
1-2 pm, Saturday, April 15

2-5 pm, Saturday, April 29

Artist Statement

Vestiges of Atomic Love: a celebration of human interconnectedness

This show is a product of my ever-growing sense that there is an unbreakable thread that runs through all of existence. It celebrates the concept of the infinite invisible thread that binds us as a global community. This thread, represented by the words and fabric suspended above you, is pulled from global cultures, ancient and modern.  A connection that is  grounded in love and compassion and includes all creation.


The work explores how awareness of this interconnectedness– in all its iterations– leaves us indelibly changed. Through this collection of paintings and sculptures, it is my hope that we discover the need and opportunity to transform, to break down artificial barriers we have constructed and to create bridges that can span even the widest chasms.


The term “Atomic Love” refers to the various forms of love we experience in life. Love that inhabits our very cells forcing our heart open, leaving an enduring mark on our soul. More than just romantic love, these loves can be the love of children, family, friends, strangers, community, pets, places, flora and fauna. It is a radical and dangerous love that can make us whole or break us apart.


My deepest hope is to spark awareness of this inescapable interconnectedness of all that is, and to encourage viewers to embrace their own Atomic Love experiences. 

Please join me in celebrating the invisible thread that connects us all and the Atomic Love that we both offer and receive. May we be inspired to consider ourselves and our behaviors as vessels as we move through the world.


Tracy Casagrande Clancy is an artist known for her mixed media work. Tracy has completed various residencies in Seattle, New York, Chicago, and most recently, this past summer in Venice and Communo Civate (RUC), Italy.


Prior to becoming a full-time artist, Tracy worked as a grief therapist with children and their families experiencing medical crises, death, and loss. Her specialty areas of practice included Neonatal and Pediatric Intensive Care, HIV/AIDS, Community Disaster Relief, and Homelessness. Casagrande Clancy holds graduate and undergraduate degrees in Counseling, Social Work, Sociology, and Fine Art. 


Casagrande Clancy’s work has been exhibited in Art Basel (Miami), New York City, Paris, and in various solo and group exhibitions. Her pieces are held in private and public collections throughout North America, Europe, and Australia and are included in the permanent collection of the Museum of Encaustic Art (Santa Fe). An active member of The Crit Lab (NYC) and the International Encaustic Society, Tracy works from her Pendleton Art Center studio in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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