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Inersection Promotion Header Graphic
Inersection Promotion Header Graphic

Studio Kroner presents “INTERSECTION,” a captivating two-person show featuring talented Cincinnati artist/designers Michael Roller and Roy Robinson. This exhibition explores the fascinating convergence of art and design, showcasing the unique perspectives of these visionary creators.

"The heart and soul of Studio Kroner reside in the intersection of art and design. In this mesmerizing collaboration between Michael and Roy, the essence of these two disciplines harmoniously intertwines, forging a visually compelling dialogue that invites viewers on a journey of visual exploration.” — Paul Kroner


6-9 pm, Thursday, July 6

Artist Talk
1-2 pm, Saturday, July 15

2-5 pm, Saturday, August 5

Roy Robinson

Coming from a career in architecture and design, I find myself attracted to an art that deals with spatial relationships in abstract ways.  Since I was a teenager, I’ve been observing the epic explorations of the Modernists: from Cubism, the De Stijl movement, Malevich, and Futurism…to Expressionism, Minimalism, even Performance Art.  These theoretical frameworks become the basis for my own explorations of such intangible themes as beauty, urgency, ambiguity, continuity – even transcendence; to reflect on time, change, decay, and loss.  The work is frequently set up in terms of dualities: black and white, dark and light, minimal and excessive, control and chaos, the human world (rational) and the natural world (organic).  If this all sounds a little too ambitious, it is.  I know that.  But it is a driving impulse.  Each work is an attempt to find explanations – or, at least, to elucidate the questions I’m asking.  A sort of metaphysical data.  The work collectively becomes an attempt to reveal some kind of impossible summation about life in general. Or, maybe just some understanding my own life.