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Studio Kroner Presents "Promised Land"

Studio Kroner presents Kevin Muente: Promised Land

A Solo Exhibition with Landscape Painter Kevin Muente

MARCH 14 - APRIL 13, 2024

Studio Kroner is delighted to announce the upcoming one-person show, "Promised Land," featuring the works of renowned landscape painter and Northern Kentucky University (NKU) Professor of Painting, Kevin Muente

The opening reception for "Promised Land" is scheduled for Thursday, March 14, from 6-9 pm. Additionally, an artist talk will take place on Saturday, March 23, followed by a closing reception on Saturday, April 13.

Kevin's paintings capture a timeless essence, presenting characters facing relatable challenges, fostering a deep connection with the audience. His soul-stirring narrative unfolds on the canvas, with expressions, gestures, and frozen moments that provoke contemplation. The landscape envelops the figures, adding a unique freshness to the narrative, akin to a cinematic experience. 

"The stories I tell speak to the soul. We may not know who these characters are, but we still connect to their problems and desires. We empathize with them. Their world helps us to examine our world.” — Kevin Muente

Muente's meticulous attention to elements such as leaves, branches, ripples, and stones communicates the magical and metaphorical essence of the depicted places. His use of various sources, from life to photographs and invention, aims to awaken the viewer's soul. Working primarily with oils, Muente channels the drama of artists like Jean-Francois Millet, Caspar David Friedrich, and Winslow Homer, infusing his paintings with grand mythic qualities relevant to the human condition.

Studio Kroner owner, Paul Kroner, expressed his excitement about featuring Kevin Muente's work in the gallery, stating,

"Kevin's art brings a unique blend of narrative and landscape, creating an immersive experience for our visitors. We are honored to showcase his exceptional talent."

Kevin Muente, holding the rank of full professor of art at NKU, received his BFA in drawing and painting from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 1994 and his MFA in painting from the University of Cincinnati in 1999. His international exhibitions and numerous awards, including the Kentucky Arts Council’s Al Smith Individual Artist Fellowship, showcase the depth and recognition of his artistic contributions.

Events for Promised Land include:

  • Opening Reception: 6-9 pm, Thursday, March 14

  • Artist Talk: 1-2 pm, Saturday, March 23

  • Closing Reception: 1-4 pm, Saturday, April 13

Discover more about “Promised Land” at or on the Facebook event page:

Don't miss the opportunity to experience the enchanting world of "Promised Land" by Kevin Muente at Studio Kroner. 

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